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Welcome to OrionPump!

We are the first cryptocurrency pump group that runs completely fairly.

Usually, pump and dump groups are robbing their members.

With us, our cryptographic algorithm ensures complete and unquestionable fairness.

This means that no one is able to pre-buy the pumped coin (not even the admins!) because every single member get's to know it at the exact same moment!

Here, you can ACTUALLY make those 500%-600% profits, not just hear about them!

We operate on Discord. We use Yobit as our exchange.

Our mission to create an amazing cryptocurrency pump group where everyone can profit. We got tired of pump groups, where the admins pre-buy their chosen coin, and then they dump it on their own members.

Never miss out again! Make the BIGGEST PROFITS of your life! Join OrionPump.io!

We are currently at an early stage with less than 1000 members. Join us today to claim a special rank!




  • Every pumped coin gets selected randomly
  • It's unpredictable
  • Every user gets to know the selected coin at the exact same time
  • All this is cryptographically provable
  • Every pump is bot protected


  • Even the admin can't predict the pumped coin
  • Every rule is clear to our members
  • No hidden variables
  • You can go back and cryptographically validate every single pump we've ever done


  • Joining costs you nothing
  • You get the exact same chances as every other member


How can it be proven that it's fair?

tldr; We use the combination of the Dogecoin blockchain to get an unpredictable outcome, and a server seed for bot protection.

Click here for the detailed description

What about bots?

The selected pump gets to introduced in an image format, which humans can read, but bots can't. Our server seed ensures that a bot can't read the coin from the blockchain.

What's the rank system?

The ranks currently don't mean anything, but later, as the group gets bigger, we plan to introduce advanced pumps, where a higher rank gives you a slight advantage. (The classic fair pumps will also be there of course)

Early members can achieve special ranks which will be impossible to get later!

Which exchange do we use?

We use Yobit as our exchange.